Teacher Tips

It's scary at first.
When you're new,
you're always comparing.
Trying to be perfect, thinking you're not.

YOGA 101
Start where you are.
You got this. Jump in!

My best advice for you is: Be authentic.
Teach what you know and love.
You'll never go wrong.
Stay fresh and growing.
Always learning and practicing.
When you take a class, journal on it.
Good or bad.

Favorite Things I’ve Learned...

Speak in your own voice, not your Teacher Voice.

People want your heart and your truth.

Learn from your students.

Pay close attention to their needs and desires.

Always hold sacred space.

Create the welcoming atmoshere for loving unfoldment.

Give Give Give.

Don’t be the perfect poser while students struggle unnoticed.

Every Body has a unique expression of a pose.

Help each student to love and honor the present shape of things.

MORE TO COME on Teacher's Tips at Yoga with Leah. Stay Tuned.

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