Leah Petitti-Yoga pose

Stoke your Passion

Leah Petitte is on a mission
To spread joy.

A well-loved yoga teacher, vocal coach and workshop leader, Leah creates courses such as Jewels of Longevity and Yoga-Energy-Transformation. She empowers seekers to shed limitations and dare to dream.

Her journey with yoga began at Ohio State University where Leah fell in love with the mental focus and pain-relief she found in yoga. .

Leah's yoga instruction experience now spans several decades. Her signature warmth and humor invite students to safely dismantle fears and gain the courage to stand in their truth.

Sharing her loving wisdom, Leah reflects years of in-depth training with Katie Silcox, author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy. The fires of inspiration from Elena Brower and Gabrielle Bernstein currently stoke the passion for Leah's mission of teaching people to gain wisdom and peace through yoga.

Private and Corporate Yoga with Leah come highly-recommended for clients in the Santa Barbara area and online!

With Love, Leah